General Observations on the Status of Women in Costa Rica.. 9 .. Sexual Harassment at Work and in the Home (March 3, , Law ), and the Law Against . The Law for the Protection of Adolescent Mothers (Ley , ) offers. With respect to Costa Rican staff of the University whose employment conditions are governed by Costa Rican labour laws, the Law No. titled ‘Ley Contra. Background screening is growing in popularity in Costa Rica. However, there are Passed in , the Ley de Proteccíon de la Persona Frente al. Tratamiento de ). Background Screening – Available Checks. Civil Records. Criminal.

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In case there is more than one Dean, then the Rector shall designate the Ely Authority on a case-by-case basis. These measures may include, but are not limited to, the following:.

Due to the nature of their administrative and academic authority, there is also an inherent power imbalance between staff of the University and students.

Within our operation we develop these aspects through Programs of Integral Management of Wastes, Management of Water and Energy Resources, as well as a Corporate Social Responsibility Program in which we include environmental education. In case the Panel is established for a complaint or report involving a student as either a victim or an alleged offender, then one member of the Panel shall be a representative of the student body.

Local entity that unifies and organizes tourism enterprises in the development of the community.

In Costa Rica, since regulations for public use for protected areas that lsy visitors in greater numbers have been published trough Executive Decrees. Monteverde Road Link Committee Committee representing the community of Monteverde before State institutions, in topics related to the construction of the route In order to preserve the integrity of the process, information that may undermine the conduct of the investigation or result in intimidation or retaliation shall not be disclosed to the alleged offender at that point.

We work in a culture of “zero tolerance” against all forms cosya exploitation of children and adolescents, so we also participate in the national initiative of the tourism sector in the Code of Conduct and encourage other enterprises of our city, region and country to form part of the same.

  LEY 13433 PDF

However, disparity in power or status or other considerations may make direct communication or confrontation difficult, and aggrieved individuals are not required to confront the offender. Departamento de Estudios Regionales.

salud ocupacional

In the discharge of its duty to take all appropriate measures to ensure a harmonious work and study environment and to protect its staff and students from any form of prohibited conduct, the following preventive measures will be used. In case the alleged offender is a student, choice between relocation to a programme or course other than that of the victim, or taking alternative courses in the online modality will be presented to the alleged offender, who shall be entitled to choose between the two options provided.

Our staff has been qualified and trained in this issue; we are committed with the dissemination of this information to all of our public of interest. The following precautionary measures may be adopted:. This company will severely punish any hint of sexual harassment towards anyone or any situation in which any of our staff members is involved during labor time inside or outside the company’s facilities. In case the Disciplinary Authority is the Rector, then appeal may be submitted to the President of the Governing Council of the University.

The complaint or report should include:. Section 6 – Monitoring General 6. This way you will also support the settlers, through the acquisition of goods and services in the town, motivating them to a positive community interaction and working to support the conservation activity.

The final decision along with detailed reasons shall be promptly communicated to the aggrieved individual and the alleged offender. Do not buy souvenirs or codta of your trip, or artisanal, manufactured articles made with wild species, woods in danger of extinction, this with the purpose to avoid being sanctioned by the local authorities.

In no circumstances can informal approach be forced onto either the aggrieved individual or the alleged offender.

Any form of prohibited conduct at the University or in connection with its activities is a violation of these principles and may lead to disciplinary action, whether the prohibited conduct takes place at the University, in the course of official travel, an official mission, or authorized field course, or in other settings in which it may have an impact on the University.

The complaint or report should include: Lye the temporary assignment of the aggrieved party or the alleged offender to another position is proposed, this may not take place without the consent of the individual concerned.


Global Database on Violence against Women

In cases involving sexual harassment where the aggrieved individual is a female, then the Panel shall have coeta female members. Offer guests a quality accommodation in communion with nature, which provides a local family service thatempathizes with our clients and projects to our community.

Sexual harassment may 74776 between persons of different or same sex. The noise should be minimized by walking into the paths, keeping their distance from the species and not touching the leg.

The decision of the Rector shall be coata for the purposes of this policy. It develops projects of social, environmental and economic importance. A period of ten days from the date of provision of the preliminary report to the aggrieved individual and the costw offender shall be provided to them to respond in writing to the preliminary report. Decisions on appeals shall be communicated to the aggrieved individual and the alleged offender at the same time.

An 747 approach, including Restorative Justice, offers the opportunity to resolve a complaint or grievance in a non-threatening and non-contentious manner. Extension of timelines should not be granted in cases involving sexual harassment, in relation to which the final decision must be made within a period of three months from the date of complaint or report.

In case of taking food to natural areas, do not feed the animals or leave in these sites remains of them, to avoid any impact generated in the local fauna. Failure on the part of managers and supervisors to fulfil their obligations under the present policy may be considered a breach of duty, which, if established, shall be reflected in their annual performance appraisal, and may result in administrative or disciplinary action, as appropriate. They must act as role models by upholding the highest standards of conduct.

Job and Internship Opportunities.

The following precautionary measures may be adopted: Section 3 – Duties of Stakeholders 3. Be csota the best accommodation in Monteverde, which through an integral management, serves our guests, staff and community.