Dune is the best selling science fiction/fantasy novel of all time. . Someone made a homebrew GURPS Dune splatbook which can be found. *originally intended for fanfic but cant as its not “legal”* Note: I wrote below before I realized it was not for distribution.(except bottom). This is a forum to discuss Frank Herbert’s marvelous Dune series.

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A successful DX roll is necessary to mount the sandworm.

Power Power Plant Type: The hair style and apparent length of the hair was accomplished through embryonic manipulation which causes certain nerves to develop as voluntary nerve cells rather than as sympathetic ones. Nerve poison is Legality Class 0. Personal Shield The most common defense in the Imperium. All Mentats require a high 14 or greater IQ score. Ads by Project Wonderful!

GURPS Dune – how would You do it? – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Multifest Hydros, the mentat-politician who possessed seven different personalities; Piter de Vries, House Harkonnen’s effeminate psychopathic killer; Lizao Twine, the mentat- hermaphrodite whose courtesan palace disguised a notorious web of intrigue; Bliss Numera, the female mentat-monk-chemist, who gurp twenty-six years livid in solitary confinement, existing on vegetable broth, but failed to perfect the formulae by which to transform silverfern into melange. Scientific inquiry and insatiable curiosity express themselves by Tleilaxu self-experimentation, a practice encouraged by the ample supply of lower-class subjects in their highly stratified society.


Surprisingly, we are ddune all that obsessed with it, but we do respect Dune for all it’s done for sci-fi. The smaller female measure approximately by 20 meters. Weight, mass and cost of this drive is: Geidi Prime Geidi Secondus Population It can be used in conjuction with the Elastic Face advantage for a cumulative advantage. Your ad here, right now: The procedures are the most closely gaurded Tleilaxu secrets.

Generalists and higher-rank Mentats are vulnerable to a syndrome called “MentatFreeze,” which springs from self-doubt. This raised the ocean level several feet; coastal devistation was cune.

The amoral and morally debilitating fecundity of the Tleilaxu, who defined everything as either tool or product, was unleashed on a nobility that had grown desensitized by time to the psychological and ethical monstrosities that necessitated the Butlerian Jihad. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

If the roll fails, the attribute is raised by only 1 for one hour, regardless dume the dose, and IQ decreases by the number of doses taken after the hour is up. A “fixed” blade was treated with electrical current so that it might be stored indefinately.

The eyes glazed, the voice-intonation flattened, and awareness appeared to be turned inward. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

It was remade in as part of a renovation attempt, and the resulting game, Dunewas a fun if somewhat off-centered RTS boasting fairly decent balance and was great fun to play in multiplayer LAN games, but it was hindered by the fact that the bulk of its gameplay had been lifted from Command and Conquer – Tiberian Dawn and Red Alertcreating a sort of hybrid that justifiably in some cases pissed off fans of both franchises.


Most regular armies suffer from forms of this disadvantage.

You’ve got politics, fightan, more politics, space travel, enough politics to give Machiavelli a headache, and room for quasi-magic shit. Its roots are found in the ancient teachings of predecessors of the Zensunni wanderers who first colonized Arrakis.

Are they too weird to gurpx as PCs? All other figures concerning size and wieght would be as above.

gugps This drive could accelerate at 1 G for a week, or. In place of certain facial bones, the subject has envelopes of elastic cartilage filled with material of a putty-like consistency.


Some Reverend Mothers are reported to have a similar foreknowledge in conjuction with spice usage, but such talents are very rare and require extensive training to use effectively.

The first video game adaptation of Dune was what can best be described as a Visual Novel mixed with a little Risk Boardgame. Engaging Insurers and Emerging Opportunities.