by Abraham von Worms, Compiled and edited by Georg Dehn, Translated by Steven This is a new and expanded second edition of The Book of Abramelin, . The Book of Abramelin tells the story of an Egyptian mage named Abraham or Abra-Melin, who . posek (authority on Jewish law). (ref Georg Dehn, The Book of Abramelin: A New Translation, transl. by Steven Guth, Ibis Publishing, ). I did this interview around with Georg Dehn, who compiled a more accurate translation of The Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage. He talks about the.

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But notwithstanding the forementioned shortcomings, his advice on the manner of using magical power, when acquired, to the honour of God, the welfare and relief of our neighbour, and for the benefit of the whole animate Creation, is worthy of the highest respect; and no one can peruse it without feeling that his highest wish was to act up to his belief.

Introduction by S. L. Mac Gregor Mathers.

Who then was this Abraham the Jew? Gerson that the general councils had higher authority than the Papacy, prevailed.

Abraham’s remarks concerning the errors of astrology in the common sense, and of the attribution of the planetary hours are worthy of careful note. Now, in the Cabala, we generally prepare ourselves forty days before. Mathers was no doubt referring to the author of Sloane Italian titled ‘La Clavicola di Salomone Redotta et epilogata nella nostra materna lingua del dottissimo Gio Peccatrix.

In Austria I found an infinitude, but all were either ignorant, or like unto the Bohemians. Since writing the above, I have heard casually that a copy of at least part, or perhaps of the whole, is said to exist in Holland. The words omitted by Mathers’ ellipsis are “the Cabala or”.

Book of Abramelin (New and Expanded Edition) – Ibis Press / Nicolas Hays

Also the circle having been once formed, let the evocator guard carefully against either passing, or stoopingor leaning beyond, its limits during the progress of the exorcism, before the license to depart has been given. The day being geotg he set out, and took with him the money which I had given him.

It will be at once noticed that both this form and that given by Abraham the Jew are perfect examples of double acrostics, that is, that they read in every direction, whether horizontal or perpendicular, whether backwards or forwards. And since then even gelrg now, without offending God and the holy angels I have held them in my power and command, always assisted by the power of God and of his holy angels.

A remarkable coincidence, seeing that at this moment when three Emperors possessed the Empire, the Papacy had also three Popes, viz. As soon as I returned, the thief although he was a Bishop!

In the town of Prague I found a wicked man named Antony, aged twenty-five years, who in truth showed me wonderful abramein supernatural things, but may God preserve us from falling into so great an error, for the infamous wretch avowed to me that he had made a pact with the demon, and had given himself over to him in body and in soul, and that he had renounced God and all the saints; while, on the other hand, the deceitful Leviathan had promised him forty years of life to do his pleasure.


But though apparently more broad in view in admitting the excellence of every religion, unfortunately he shows the usual injustice to and jealousy of women which has distinguished men for so many ages, and which as far as I can see arises purely and simply from an innate consciousness that were women once admitted to compete with them wbramelin any plane without being handicapped as they have been for so many centuries, the abramdlin would speedily prove their superiority, as the Amazons of old did; which latter as the writings even of their especial enemies, the Greeks, unwillingly admit when overcome, were conquered by superior numbers, not by superior valour.

Although there is no indexthis is abrzmelin of the few times that it doesnt actually matter.

Neither have I ever heard by traditional report of the existence of any other copy. In Appendix C to the Introduction I gerog, for the sake of comparison, give some examples of angelic invocation taken from other sources.

The indefatigable activity which this prince displayed from against the movements of the Hussites, who were directly menacing his possessions, pointed him out as a valuable auxiliary to the Emperor Sigismond, who was then in a very critical position.

First of all, we have here an addition of an extra book. One notable difference is that the operation lasts a year and a half, not six months as described in Mathers’ text. This extract may be said to give a fair idea of the average quality of the French.

At this period, it was almost universally believed that the secret knowledge was only really obtainable by those who were willing to quit their home and their country to undergo dangers and hardships in its quest; and this idea even obtains to an extent in the present day. Click to Submit News. But also it abramellin notable that Abraham the Jew probably again with the intent of confusing Lamech as little as possible speaks only of two great classes of spirits: Again, in sacred books, in prayers, etc.

But if we should call only one, nevertheless there must be made four pentagons, wherein the name of the spirit or spirits with their characters are to be written. This faith at geor brought abranelin its reward; though only at the moment when even he was becoming discouraged and sick at heart with disappointed hope.

It will be remarked that this modus operandi differs strongly from that employed by the mesmerists and hypnotists of today with their clairvoyants. It would also be especially such experiments as those described at abrammelin in the third book, which the author of the Strange Story had in view when he makes Sir Philip Derval in the MS.

You shall likewise have a veil made of pure white linen on which must be wrote in a gilt dehb, the name Geprg ; all which things are to be consecrated and sanctified in order. Gershom Scholem judged it to be a poor translation from the German, but according to Dehn “the Hebrew sbramelin shows scholarship and is interesting.


Lamech, if thou wishest to know the reason wherefore I give unto thee this book, it is that if thou considerest thy condition, which is that of being a last-born son, thou shalt know wherefore it appertaineth unto thee; and I should commit a great error should I deprive thee of that grace which God hath given unto me with so much profusion and liberality. The place to start with this book is actually in the appendices.

All of the word squares are completely filled in. But you must not go into this holy place till it be first washed and covered with a cloth new and clean, and then you may enter, but with your feet naked and bare; and when you enter therein you shall sprinkle with holy water, then make a perfume upon the altar; and then on your knees pray before the altar as we have directed.

He was succeeded by his son, Frederick II, called “the Good” born inwho began to reign inand died in see Dict. But we must remember, that in his age, the conversion to another religion invariably meant an absolute, solemn and thorough renunciation and denial of any truth in the religion previously professed by the convert.

Book of Abramelin (New and Expanded Edition)

Count Frederic the Quarreller: After my death a book will be found, which I commenced to write at the time when I was beginning to put in practice this art, which, reckoning the number of the years, was inuntil today on which I am arrived at the 96th 1 year of mine age, with all honour and augmentation of fortune; and in this book can be read in detail even to the very least thing which I have done.

He is the founder and publisher of Edition Araki, a German publishing company specializing in the occult. When i was reading this book, i was thinking about the practioners out there who done the Abramelin Operation using Mathers version has their starting point. I remained with him for four years, miserably wasting all that time there, and persuading myself that I had learned all that I wished to know, 2 and I was only thinking of returning to my paternal home, when I casually met a young man of our sect, named Samuel, a native of Bohemia, whose manners and mode of life showed me that he wished to live, walk, and die in the way of the Lord and in his holy Law; and I contracted so strong a bond of friendship with him that I showed him all my feelings and intentions.