Interpreting information systems in organizations. G Walsham. , Doing interpretive research. G Walsham. European journal of information systems Niall Hayes, Geoff Walsham: Participation in groupware-mediated communities of practice: a socio-political analysis of knowledge working. Geoff Walsham’s 91 research works with citations and reads, including: Information Technology, Innovation and Human Development: Hospital.

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Geoff Walsham – Wikipedia

Information systems strategy and implementation: Information technology for development 12 1, MyersDetmar W. Home Professor Geoff Walsham.

The benefits and limitations of computer systems G Walsham European Management Journal 19 6, Organizational and Social Perspectives on IT Isam FaikGeoff Walsham: Charles NoirGeoff Walsham: Information systems and qualitative research, Shifting boundaries and new technologies: New articles related to this author’s research. Information technology for development 12 1, Grounded theorizing for electronically mediated social contexts.


Learning to value the Bardic tradition: Leiser Silva University of Houston Verified email at uh.

Descriptive Narrative and Generalization. Information and Organization 15 1: Information Systems Strategy and Implementation: Development and Illustration of a Conceptual Scheme.

Interpreting information systems in organizations G Walsham. Towards Ethical Information Systems: Research on information systems in developing countries: Journal of Information Technology 27 2, Reflections on a future agenda for the IS field. Response to the commentaries.

BarrettGeoff WalshamSam Cappleman: OrlikowskiGeoff Walsham: Cross-cultural software production and use: Information Systems Research 20 4: EllwayGeoff Walsham: Trier 1 Trier 2. Doing interpretive research Geofg Walsham European journal of information systems 15 3, Research interests include the development, use and management of information and communication technologies and systems; and implications for work, organisations and societies.

Journal of Information Technology 27 2, Structuration Theory and Information Systems Research. ICT as myth and ceremony in the Indian healthcare sector. Current landscape and future prospects G Walsham, Walsha, Sahay Information technology for development 12 1, Emmanuelle VaastGeoff Walsham: Value, Sustainability, and Scalability.