Friday 12th of June Friedrich Jürgenson and his wife. Monica have left behind their Stockholm apartment for a quiet weekend at their summerhouse. Little does. Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson Foreword This book has changed my life. It marks a turning point. Today I know that it has. Book about Electronic Voice Phenomenon by Friedrich Jurgenson.

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One can hear resignation and sadness in his monotonous tone. This was about Boris Sacharow, who has written several good books about yoga, which readers in the German speaking countries who are adept at yoga are sure to know. Why People Believe Weird Things: A part of the UFO believers are trying to turn this whole subject into a modern surrogate religion, that is to say, an interplanetary occult ideology.

At that jurgennson I misunderstood what they meant and only now did I begin to understand the connection and realized that my knowledge of several languages represented a significant factor. I sensed that soon something was going to happen. And it is nothing less than technology that is lending a helping hand.

Electronic voice phenomenon

At present I am a Swedish citizen. Being advised by one of the voices that he caught on tape he went on to record signals friedricj of the radio. This friedrifh to be a continuation of my answer. Coast to Coast AM. It is about time that the universities acknowledge the results of the widespread amateur research, so they will not miss the connection and repeat what they said twenty years ago, which was forgivable then because they did not have all the facts, but which is inexcusable today.

You can only hear the slow rotation friexrich the tape. Now this baffling incident, which actually was a targeted rehearsal, was to fulfill its real predetermined mission.

There jurgrnson no real melody, the song consisted of high notes that were sung fortissimo. Portable digital voice recorders are currently the technology of choice for some EVP investigators. For many years I experimented alone and had only the book of Friedrich Jiirgenson as a guide.


Friedrich Jürgenson – Wikidata

Boris and I were linked by frieerich teenage friendship. When this noise is filteredit can be made to produce noises which sound like speech. I had been enthusiastically interested in birdsongs since my childhood. Rather than having to deal with a tooth-gnashing Cerberus, I had to confront another, much more dangerous adversary who threatened by stealth and inattention to degrade the clarity of my insights.

Froedrich evening I was too tired and decided to check the recording again a little closer the next morning. From a psychological perspective we know today that most tyrants and dictators are obsessed by fixed ideas or suffer from megalomania.

On the tape however, a completely different series of words could be heard on top of Dr. I had posed a silent question to my unknown friends; I wanted to know who they were. For example, when the tape uses one hour for recording at a speed of 19 cm, then the time doubles during playback at half speed. Fortunately when I was young, I was also enjoyed my part time training as a painter and with that the transition to a new occupation went naturally and smoothly.

Artist descriptions on Last. In this day and age of conceptual uncertainty, Friedrich Jurgenson makes his epochal discovery.

Even many people who consider themselves believing Christians shrug their shoulders if asked on their honor and conscience if they believed that life would continue after death.

On the same day I was able to capture a strange sound on my tape that reminded me of the vibrating whistling of an incoming projectile. There were only two paths open to me to obtain a clear and detailed picture of this celestial sphere. No doubt he was incredibly good informed and must have been very close to the leading circles of the Third Reich. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. According to the vriedrich investigator Joe Nickell “Occasionally, especially with older tape and under humid conditions, as the tape travels it can adhere to one of the guide posts.


There was also serious talk about founding jurgeenson EVP research institute in Italy. He intelligently kept a distance from any solid conclusions. On one of the following quiet afternoons I was once again occupied with the tape recordings, as suddenly from the distance the barking of a dog was heard. At that time I found myself in a highly tense and nervous condition.

But what had actually happened? As I examined the series of words the next day at the speed of 3 3 A i. Today I know with a high degree of certainty that especially friedrjch first two years frjedrich the breakthrough were the decisive periods of crisis and trial. Fredrich have to confess that such revolutionary events are hard to describe, and harder still to experience. Since Hitler was suffering from a brain illness, it seems reasonable to suppose that after death his illness would be lifted.

Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson

The downside of these attempted contacts was the tremendous loss of time that occurred during listening due to the reduced speed. I repeated the question several times. This, in combination with such things as cross modulation of radio stations or faulty ground loops can cause the impression of paranormal voices.

He looked tired and overworked, but his patients were impatiently awaiting his arrival. During this period while still studying he made a living as jkrgenson singer and painter and some forecast a successful career in opera for him.

When I listen today to some of the tapes I have, I am ashamed and annoyed with myself about my own surprising denseness.

My second recording it was just like before: I played the record on a portable turntable and recorded the music directly through the microphone. Connect your Spotify account to your Last.