Digital Forensics Magazine Article on forgeries in the Sledgehammer and Ergenekon cases. 04 Mart GENEL, IN ENGLISH · DFM In the Digital Forensics. Mahkeme gerekçeli kararında, Ermeni Soykırımı’nın gerek İsviçre’de gerekse genel Ergenekon davaları nedeniyle yurt dışına çıkış yasağı olan Perinçek. O bombaları imha kararı veren mahkeme de o bombaları görmedi” iddiasında bulundu. 46’sı tutuklu 86 sanığın yargılandığı Ergenekon davasının bugün . daha önceki gerekçeler ve sanıklarla ilgili sevk maddeleri dikkate.

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In autumnthese critics argued that aboutcitizens are missing from the electoral rolls. For years, no one knew where the graves of more than 18, citizens were, and most of the victims were of Kurdish origin and were killed by “unknown perpetrators”; no one had questioned or dared to question eergenekon case before.

Citizens can appeal to courts if they feel being discriminated.

Doğu Perinçek : Bu yürüyüş CHP’nin bonzaisidir

Oligopolistic ownership structures characterize kaear the electronic or the print media market. Archived from the original on December 2, The closure of media outlets, the appointment of trustees to control media groups, and the active use of the tax authority, the financial crimes unit and courts against critical media intensified.

Gerekcell independence and impartiality has been undermined by the contradictory and unclear court indictments concerning several prisoners.

Dissident media outlets and critical journalists regularly face attacks and sanctions.

Justices are appointed in a cooperative appointment process with kzrar majority requirements. Insulting the president is a crime in Turkey punishable by up to four years in jail. Ina total of 1, public civil servants across 26 institutions were provided ethics training.

Disabled voters sometimes face difficulties if the polling stations lack appropriate access facilities. The Intelligence Department closed the case one year later, citing a lack of evidence to substantiate the claims. During the review period, the practice of detaining and releasing journalists and pro-Kurdish politicians without clear legal cause became a regularity.


According to Article 73 of Lawergenekoh parties must prepare yearly statements of revenues and expenditures, at both the party-headquarters and provincial levels. This relates especially to numerous cases involving Kurdish activists, journalists, union members, students, military officers, and policy and security personal being tried for alleged violations of the Anti-Terror Law.

If there are illegal implementations, these must come before the judiciary. The oligopolistic and pro-government ownership of media outlets, and self-censorship are the main factors undermining media freedoms. As with other administrative decisions, appeals can be made to an administrative court if krar requests are denied. The constitutional amendment to parliamentary immunities adoption in May allowed lifting immunity for a large number of deputies, and resulted in the detentions and arrests of several HDP members of parliament, including the two co-chairs in November Especially at the local level, corruption remains a systemic problem.

This further undermines media independence, and increases self-censorship and job insecurity among journalists. verekceli

Ergenekon’da sorgulama başladı – Son Dakika Flaş Haberler

For details, see folder of the indictment’s annex. Voting and Registration Rights 6. Inthe parliament passed a law facilitating voting for Turkish citizens who are not living or present in Turkey during elections Law Citizens have no effective opportunity to vote on issues of importance to them through a legally binding measure. Reporters Without Borders, Turkey, https: A law on a constitutional amendment adopted by a two-thirds majority of the Assembly directly or upon the return of the law by the president may be submitted to a referendum by the president.

Media Pluralism Monitor ResultsTurkey, http: Some integrity mechanisms function, but do not effectively prevent public officeholders from abusing their positions.

The appointment of Constitutional Court judges does not take place on the basis of general liberal-democratic standards such as cooperative appointment and special majority regulations. These local ergenemon verify election returns and conduct investigations of irregularities, complaints and objections, with the national board providing a final check.

Citizens are effectively protected by courts against karad of their rights. Byhe was earning 1. In recent years, the court found that the main parties had received or spent money unlawfully. De facto, a substantial number of adult citizens are excluded from national elections.

  ISO 8362-4 PDF

Meaning of “sanıklık” in the Turkish dictionary

The board did not publish an annual report for Several TRT channels regularly broadcast pro-government programs, and invite experts allied with the government party to appear on these programs.

Furthermore, a total of media outlets were closed down, 1, terekceli of the press were dismissed, and 32 parliamentary access cards and yellow press cards were withdrawn.

Particularly, the aftermath of the 15 July coup attempt saw high numbers of arrests, hearings, detentions, prosecutions, censorship cases and layoffs. In total, about legislative changes have been passed by decree. The major media outlets are biased in favor of certain political groups or views and discriminate against others. Diversified ownership structures prevail in the electronic and print media market. Parliamentary and local elections are conducted by local election boards under the supervision of the Supreme Election Board.

Citizens have the effective opportunity to vote on issues of importance to them through a legally binding measure. These factors have in sum reintroduced a climate of intimidation with regard to the media. All state institutions for the most part concede and protect political liberties. The constitutional guarantees of freedom of the press and freedom of expression are rarely upheld in practice. State anti-discrimination efforts show limited success.

Archived from the original on November 21, Paragraph 3 of Article of the constitution reads that, if the parliament adopts a draft constitutional amendment referred by the president by a two-thirds majority, the president may submit the law to a referendum.

The HDP, pro-Kurdish party, did not appear gerekkceli any mainstream media channel. His statements form the backbone of the page Ergenekon indictment, [5] [6] which mentions him times and labels him a suspect at large Turkish: