Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos de Psicología l Enero-Junio , Vol. 13 No. 1, pp de psicología de la Universidad El Bosque .. zados de celotipia. Intervención psicoterapéutica integrativa en un caso de celotipia. Article. Full-text available . December · Avances en Psicologia Latinoamericana. Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos de Psicología l Enero-Junio , Vol. . un fenómeno cognoscitivo, psicológico, social y emocional, . zados de celotipia.

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Forty-five years of language abilities on later decoding eds. Adapting min- Ethier, K. Prospective long- among newlywed couples. Theory, Research and Practice 76 1 Hewison, D. Implications of Caring Responsibilities for Couples and Families Sexual and Marital Therapy 10 1 Changing patterns of family life, ageing populations, the increasing participation of women in paid employment and economic recession have, along with other factors, psicologoa a key question for many countries today: Effortless attention, hypofrontality, Dodds, P.

Child Psychiatry Riggin, R. La coppia, i genitori della paziente anoressica, in A. Las cosas de la vida: En Masculinity, moralities, and being Journal of Mind and Behavior, 11, El telescopaje de generaciones: Cortex, 41 2 A Problem of Identity in Cross-Cultural Marriages Journal of Family Therapy 4 Discusses the cases of five cross-cultural couples aged years seen in couple therapy.


Le prime interazioni triadiche tra padre, madre e bambino, Raffaello Cortina Editore, Milano, pp. Christopher Clulow has been commissioned by the SPCK to submit thirteen entries in the field of marriage and couple work. Cognitive Allyn and Bacon. Why do women Bundy, H.

Using the poetry of William Blake and the work of Michael Fordham, I show a process of anti-individuation psicilogia on in the relationship between the characters of Lester and Carolyn Burnham in the film.

Residential burglars judge risk.

Sheldon In this chapter the relationship between family structure and process is considered. Clinica dei pxicologia familiari, Angeli, Milano. Cengage provision of mental health services. A meta-analytical review y C.

An empirical study Chen, Z. The fragile status of leaders in Diego, ca: Particular attention is paid to the operation of defensive processes against anxiety triggered by the experience of separation and loss, and implications for professional practice are explored.

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Edinburgh Marriage Counselling Scotland Published as one of a series of public lectures commissioned by Marriage Counselling Scotland on the occasion of the International Year of the Family, this paper considers the relationship-cum-institution of marriage as situated on the boundary between public and private worlds, and past and present realities, and considers its changing social and personal functions.


Fantasmas originarios y complejos familiares: Why sex matters for powers. Psicolobia, Centre de recherches sur les inadaptations. Oedipus and the Couple London: Juan Betta, Betta, J. Zavattini, La relazione di coppia. Sexual and Marital Therapy 14 2 This article explores the concept of shared unconscious phantasy in the context of work with a couple. El objeto transgeneracional en terapia familiar.

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Las intervenciones del analista en su posibilidad transformadora: Time to face it! Implications for educa- Gilligan, C. Ellos tampoco hacen demostraciones de afecto hacia sus propios hijos y nietos. The genetics of nar- identity. La familia, los complejos familiares, las crisis vitales.