Cate Tiernan Books In Order. Publication Order of Wicca: Sweep Books Cate Tiernan is the pseudonym of Gabrielle Charbonnet, an American writer of young . A complete Cate Tiernan Sweep Series book set. All fifteen titles I’ve always loved stories of the supernatural especially involving wicca/witches. You fall in. The Wicca book series by Cate Tiernan includes books Book of Shadows, The Coven, Blood witch, and several more. See the complete Wicca series book list in .

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Morgan is now thirty-seven years old. Our author of the month is Canadian author Opal Carew who writes erotic romance novels.

I hope they dont cast twilight stars into the Sweep movies, I feel it would bring the movie down and the press on that would suck Serkes children in other American cities sold lemonade on their front yards, Tiernan and her fellow New Orleans kids made wax dolls of their enemies and sold voodoo dolls. Too bad kirsten alread is doing bella, this might have been a way better role.

Kithic and Cirrus merge and Morgan becomes aware of her feelings for Hunter. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Sixteen-year-old Morgan is not who she thought sh… More. For now, Morgan is safe from the dark wave that h… More. Upon the actions of another coven, Ealltuinn, Morgan begins to realize that there are dark forces once again being built against her. Cal runs into the woods with Hunter following behind and Morgan following.

From this point on Cal’s respect and feelings begin to grow for Morgan. Monthly Poll How often do you recommend the books you read?


Variety reports Universal has picked up rights to Cate Tiernan’s young adult fantasy series Sweep. While not a Wiccan herself, she asserts that she “can really relate to Wicca”, and appreciates its “woman-centeredness and its essentially catee identity. Jessica on Nov 9, Books begin flying and light bulbs explode, and no one seems to know the cause – thus attributing the blame to Morgan.

Morgan begins to study with Hunter, and slowly begins to realize her feelings for him. Kaylahsm on Feb 13, Thelma Click Here for Thoughts. I for one, can’t wait to see it on the screen, although it would have made a great TV series also.

It is at the party that Cal asks his closest school mates to join him in a room where he tells them he is a Wiccan. Opal has written over novels with multiple book series such as the Dirty Talk series and the Abducted series.

And “Sweep” is a stupid stupid stupid whismical title. The tenth book in the Sweep series is not from Morgan’s point of view. Morgan is confident not meek. Volume 3 by Cate Tiernan. For starters like everyone said Morgan is a strong, independent character who isn’t the lime light stealer.

Wicca Series by Cate Tiernan

Like many of the seires comments, please read the series before comparing, complaining, and spreading negativity. Who plays Hunter in the end? Don’t you dare compare Sweep to Twilight. As for comparisons, this is my opinion: I remember having to wait anxiously for each installment, wait for my library to carry them because my family didn’t have any money.

Wicca Series

I feel that this will be very difficult to adapt onscreen, so it’s important to get a good cast and crew. We’ll base this on various factors for example “If you like Jack Reacher Volume 2 by Cate Tiernan.


She doesn’t weep over how Edward leaves her, or keep on sending e-mails not one gets. So please, say no Cate! The lead in the Sweep series of novels is Morgan Riordan Rowlands, who is also the narrator of the series. YAY Wiccanchicaforever on Jan 26, Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. And unlike twilight, the main character is strong and independent.

Fantasy books by series Witchcraft in written fiction Contemporary fantasy novels. She’s sometimes quick to judge. Any authors or characters we’re missing that we should add? The two have nothing in common. Hunter and Cal at the cemetery prepare to fight when Morgan binds them with a spell.

The Coven by Cate Tiernan. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. Morgan has to get close to Killian to get closer to Ciaran so she called Killian to Widow’s Vale and asked him to contact Ciaran. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I think about that and the Pattinson hysteria seems worth it to me. Dark Magick by Cate Tiernan. This is an amazing series.

So do not mock the idea of the series becoming a movie. Yeah, she does things like stab someone who tries to hurt Calbut she’s nothing like Bella.